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mary_miller I was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy, Pulmonary Hypertension, (CHF) Congestive Heart Failure, along with Asthma! I was in the hospital more than out. No longer able to breathe independently, I had to be on oxygen constantly. Had to get around on a walker or one of my beautiful canes. Unable to live alone, one of my daughters moved me in with her. I was informed that I would eventually need a heart-lung transplant. Was put into Cardio Rehab to prepare for the impending transplant. Well... 10 years later.. I AM HEALED! No longer on oxygen, ambulating on my own, living independently, in fact caring for someone presently, blessed to found and oversee a church! Ark Of Covenant Worship Center. Pastor Rita was one of the instruments used by God to facilitate this miracle. HALLELUJAH, to God be the glory.

Mary Miller
St. Louis, Missouri

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