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Cross the Line

Teachers of preschoolers teach their children to color in the lines. I never wanted to do that because that's not a real rule, it limited my thinking. I always wanted to draw more into the picture, put a flower in the grass, add a tree, but we were taught to stay in the line and that's it.

I always thought there should be more to the picture and that's the way I feel about life. God has drawn more in the picture than I see. He wants to get out of the line the world has drawn around us. Sometimes when we go in business we want to do things the way we have always done them. We go to the same kind of church that our family went to because we don't want to break tradition, we don't want to cross that line. When we just stay in the lines we don't grow. We don't expand. We don't reach new horizons. We need to break out of the boxes of lines that have developed around us. I'm talking about the self-imposed limitations put on us by religion or people or by systems and cultures.

I don't want to just be average. The average person only believes what he sees or only what he can put his hands on. That's a person who lacks depth and lacks vision. The poorest of all men is not a man who lacks money it is a man without a dream. We need to be challenged. I'm challenged by people I meet and places I go.

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